• Marco Arévalo
    About miauu's Manage Links "Thank you very much! i have been waiting for this script for years."
    Marco Arévalo
  • Jędrzej Sobkiewicz
    About Polyline Pro "Thanks a lot, it works like charm! I should’ve bought this long long time ago, I can tell you by now it’s a real time saver!"
    Jędrzej Sobkiewicz
  • Uwe Kreuzahler
    We are using Miauu´s script for years and they are REAL timesavers, Support is AAA and I really want to recommend his scripts to any CGI Artist.
    Uwe Kreuzahler
    Founder / Managing Partner www.3d.cr
  • Chris MacDonald
    About Polyline Pro "Wow, this kind of stuff should have been implimented in max years ago. Good job!"
    Chris MacDonald
  • Ivan Maksimov
    About Align Object To Direction "Now i cant belive i lived with out it"
    Ivan Maksimov
  • Harold Rinck
    About Set Grid Spacing "WOW ! thank you very much Miauu ! Usefull for grid spacing, but for a lot of other scripts !! :-) And very easy to customize !"
    Harold Rinck
  • Kevin Merino
    About Change Viewport Statistic "Thanks! This helped me greatly in getting the viewports configured the way I needed them on batch routine that I am running!"
    Kevin Merino
  • Eric Chadwick
    About Change Viewport Statistic "This is fantastic, works very well. Thanks miauu!"
    Eric Chadwick
  • davius
    About Polyline Pro "So, you essentially turned 3dsMax in Autocad (at least in a way). Very good job! :)"
  • Bert Van Eeckhout
    About Polyline Pro "Wow, really nice script to close the bridge between Autocad and 3Ds max."
    Bert Van Eeckhout
  • C. Buelter
    About Visual Pivot Placer "Right now I have to do some accurate architecture stuff, and this script is damn useful :D I tested some others for fast pivot placement, but this one is the fastest, great job"
    C. Buelter
  • Dmitry Belonosov
    About Visual Pivot Placer "Thank you very much! Great quick tool!"
    Dmitry Belonosov
  • polytrauma
    About Spline In Middle "Yessssss! I just had to remodel a very custom shaped long spring as a spline for animation. What might have been work for several hours actually was a breeze with this script! Thanks a bunch, worked perfectly right away."
  • rfox1
    About Polyline Pro "Thank you for this piece of brilliant tool, It is very useful when you work precisely in 3DS Max."
  • Fabio M. Costa
    About Polyline Pro "Totally recommend this script."
    Fabio M. Costa
  • George Nicola
    About Polyline Pro "Amazing tool."
    George Nicola
  • Alexandr Tolmachev
    About miauu's Script Pack vol.2 "Scripts are perfect, very useful! Many thanks!"
    Alexandr Tolmachev
  • Natalie Kataeva
    About miauu's Script Pack vol.2 "Замечательные, исключительно нужные скрипты! Огромное спасибо, особенно за Attach & Link!!!"
    Natalie Kataeva
  • Miguel Lara
    "Dude, your scripts are great time savers, I like them so much that I just bought 3 Scripts from you.... looking forward to put them to good use. Nice work."
    Miguel Lara
  • Mark Beckitt
    About miauu's Script Pack vol.2 "Thank you, The scripts are a god send, keep up the great work."
    Mark Beckitt
  • Janhlange
    About miauu’s Script Pack vol.1 “Brilliant, Just Brilliant This set of tools are absolutely fantastic. I am using them in Max 2013. Not sure why Max does not have these built in anyway. I was having trouble aligning all kinds of irregular objects and let me tell you, just the align tool will save many hours of work. How silly that the built in measure tool in max just measures the bounding box. I can actually get measurements on totally irregular objects and surfaces now. The isolate tool is totally sweet. PLEASE NOTE: The author built a lot into these, and you HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO watch the videos. If you don't you will miss out on lots of tricks and as in my case (before I watched) believe that some scripts (like visual pivot place) don't work. No they work very well but if you don't know where to use right and left mouse buttons and such you will run into trouble. He is right. These are and should be commercial scripts and although I was hesitant at first, the money is well spent. One of the best script packs I have downloaded.”
  • Shawn Olson
    About miauu’s Work Plane “Two thumbs up on this one. Favorite new tool (and I have a lot). What's so cool about this one is that you can use it in all projects... whereas a lot of times you buy a script that is only relevent in certain circumstances. This one is well worth your money!”
    Shawn Olson
  • Shawn Olson
    About miauu’s Work Plane: “Amazing stuff I know I've already said this before and told everyone I know already, but I just have to say it again. This tool is simply badass. Keep bringing us cool things!”  
    Shawn Olson
  • Filippo Rotatori
    About miauu’s Live Measure Pro “The best script for architect for 3ds max!!!!!! Thanks for your work! I am an instructor and vfx rendering, and you always do a lot of publicity!”  
    Filippo Rotatori
  • Uwe Kreuzahler
    Аbout miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 “A VERY good collection of useful scripts I do owe all Miauu scripts and i have to say they are HUGE timesavers On top, Kostadin is a hell of a good programmer, very responsive and fast if it comes to any questions - i did had a few :) Long story short, if you are working with 3ds on a daily base, then you should look into the Miauu scripts, as they will speed up your workflow tremendously Just my few cents”
    Uwe Kreuzahler
    Founder / Managing Partner www.3d.cr
  • Judd Roy
    About miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 “I just want to bump to say how awesome these tools are! I also REALLY appreciate the constant reliable updates to the tools pack. I bought it in 2013...that was 4 years ago and I'm still getting updates and improvements. You're awesome Kostadin. Thank you. These are super helpful. Really handy script!”
    Judd Roy
  • Warren Marshall
    About miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 “Already using it in my workflow! Best script pack ever...”
    Warren Marshall
  • Michael Wentworth - Bell
    About miauu’s Script Pack vol.1 “My Boss at work - Reel Pictures - has used the new Vert Stitcher script to merge the edges of 2 sides of a coin together. Each side of the coin weighed in at around 3,000,000 polys. Vert stitcher moved and merged the entire border verts PERFECTLY and completed the operation in less than 10 seconds.”
    Michael Wentworth - Bell
  • Mark Beckitt
    About miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 “Thank you, The scripts are a god send, keep up the great work”
    Mark Beckitt
  • Shawn Olson
    About miauu’s Script Pack vol.1 “I haven't even gotten a copy yet but made my order... and I have to go on record saying that Kostadin Kicks Ass! After his Working Plane... I am a total fan/customer. I really think he's got a great sense of innovation. I look forward to adding to my Miauu collection.”
    Shawn Olson
  • Igor Ivanović
    Аbout Scene Notes Pro: “Fantastic Tool! Exceptionally useful tool, thank you Kostadin for your work !”  
    Igor Ivanović
  • Raphaël Honoré
    About Polyline Pro “Seriously, ADSK should hire you. Thank you for another awesome script, from someone using splines all the time! “Thanks man, I'm ready to have my mind blown away like every time I bought one of your product for Max. Please keep them coming, I would have given up on Max a long time ago if it wasn't for your scripts.”
    Raphaël Honoré
  • Kelvin Tam
    About Polyline Pro “This is so awesome!”
    Kelvin Tam

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