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miauu's Script Explorer




miauu's Script Explorer is a tool that will help you writing, editing, and exploring your maxscripts..

Short description of what the tool can do:

Code Blocks button


- scan the script for various code blocks like function definitions, rollout definitions, event handlers, UI controls and so on and show appropriate buttons on the side bar.

- Roll UI down


- Roll Up/Down the UI

[] Bookmarks button

LMB - scan the script for existing bookmarks

RMB - Save bookmarks to file.

RMB + Shift - Load bookmarks from file

MMB - clear all bookmarks

! Errors button

LMB - show line numbers of the errors in the Listener

RMB - Roll Up/Down the UI

Search Button

LMB - search the script for the text in the search box

RMB - search the script for the text selected in script

RMB + Shift - find where the selected function is defined. Select only the name of the function.

MMB - search the script for selected in the Listener text

x Close button

LMB - close the rollout

RMB - toggle Always on Top

List view

mouse single click:

LMB - show in the status bar on which line is the text, shown in the clicked line

RMB - roll Up/Down the UI

MMB - remove clicked bookmark.

mouse double click:

LMB - reposition the cursor to the clicked definition

[x] Clear Search Box Button

LMB - clears the Search Box

RMB - roll Up/Down the UI

Scanning the code is very fast(50000 lines of code are scanned for less than 0,1 sec).

The UI is set to Always On Top mode. The whole UI can be resized to the 4 main buttons only, to not occupy any significant screen space(useful when used on 1 monitor only).

This tool is mainly for developers, so if you decide to use it, you can read the code and modify it to fit your needs.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Autodesk® 3ds Max® and 3ds Max Design® 2014 and above

How to install: Drag and drop the .mzp file onto your 3ds max viewport. Go to Customize - Customize User Interface, and you will find the script in category "miauu".