Shawn Olson
Mark Beckitt


About miauu’s Script Pack vol.1

“Brilliant, Just Brilliant

This set of tools are absolutely fantastic. I am using them in Max 2013. Not sure why Max does not have these built in anyway. I was having trouble aligning all kinds of irregular objects and let me tell you, just the align tool will save many hours of work. How silly that the built in measure tool in max just measures the bounding box. I can actually get measurements on totally irregular objects and surfaces now. The isolate tool is totally sweet.

PLEASE NOTE: The author built a lot into these, and you HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO watch the videos. If you don’t you will miss out on lots of tricks and as in my case (before I watched) believe that some scripts (like visual pivot place) don’t work. No they work very well but if you don’t know where to use right and left mouse buttons and such you will run into trouble. He is right. These are and should be commercial scripts and although I was hesitant at first, the money is well spent. One of the best script packs I have downloaded.”