miauu' ALign Objects To Diection
miauu’s Align Objects to Direction
July 26, 2019
miauu’s Align Slice Mod Gizmo to 3 points
July 16, 2019

miauu's Measure and Select




miauu's Measure and Select allows you to:
  • length of edges or segments
  • area of faces
  • distance between objects or points
  • size of objcets

  • edges or segments by length
  • faces by area

Works with Editable_Poly, Editable_Mesh and Spline objects, and Edit Poly modifier.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Autodesk® 3ds Max® and 3ds Max Design® 2009 and above

How to install: Run the .mcr/.ms script, or drag and drop it onto your 3ds max viewport. Go to Customize - Customize User Interface, and you will find the script in category "miauu".